Important Tips for Choosing a Wedding Dress

How to choose the right wedding dress? In this article, we will give you some tips that will help you choose the appropriate color and style of this main wedding accessory.
Selection of Dress Color

The times have passed when brides married in dresses of white color. Of course, white will always be in fashion. On young brides, it looks very beautiful, emphasizing their purity and innocence. However, according to modern trends, other colors are also fashionable. For example, apricot, golden gray and gray-blue colors are perfect for blondes. Brunettes can choose pink, snow-white or silvery. Brides having light-brown hair are recommended white-pink, milky-white, lilac-pink and white-green color palette. Red-haired brides will look perfect in all shades of cream.

Other Tips

  1. If you have a small height and want to look a little taller, you can choose an empire wedding dress with an inflated waistline. Long gloves will not be superfluous. Also, do not forget about long heels. By the way, a long train will also visually increase your height. Ballroom dresses are unlikely to fit you.
  2. Tall brides wishing to visually reduce their height, should, on the contrary, choose dresses with a lowered waist, sleeves, lanterns and a wide belt. In addition, they can dress up the lower part with the ribbons and flowers and open the top of the dress.
  3. Regarding breast size, you can increase and emphasize the breasts with the help of dresses with a high waist, while the V-neck is considered perfect for big breasts.
  4. Thin brides wishing to look a little more magnificent should choose voluminous ball gowns decorated with lace, ribbons and sleeve-waves. Podgy girls are not recommended to abuse ruffles and lace, it is better to make a skirt straight or trimmed, and try to emphasize the breast advantageously.
  5. It is possible to wear a dress with bare back only to those who have perfect posture.
  6. Pregnant brides are allowed to wear a pantsuit or a dress with a high waist.
  7. If you want to hide the problematic part of the body, for example, wide hips, it’s better to divert attention from them, and make an emphasis, for example, on the bust: decorate it with flowers, cross beads. You can also choose a corset with the original neckline.
  8. Brides with broad shoulders are recommended to minimize the cut on the bodice, it is also better to refuse a straight skirt.
  9. Ballroom dress suits the owners of luxurious thighs and narrow shoulders. It is better not to use direct silhouettes, but open shoulders will suit.
  10. Brides with big breasts and thighs should choose dresses with a low waist and a chic neckline. Lush styles and high waistline are not recommended.